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Debt collection partners manager

receeve's debt collection partners manager lets your business easily integrate third-party services and DCAs into collections strategies and track their performance.

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Measurable outcomes


 Instant access to a multi-market network of specialised DCA partners


Improvement in late recoveries, delivered by matching accounts to the right partner


Portfolios successfully matched with the right partner

Key features of our debt collection partners manager

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  • Credit scoring

    receeve's debt collection partners manager delivers enriched non-performing loan data - data which is based on transaction history and behavioural analysis.

  • Portfolio matching

    The feature can also be used to empower the prescriptive performance-based assignment of portfolios, meaning that portfolios are more likely to be assigned to DCAs with the right strengths to collect.

  • Performance visibility

    receeve's debt collection partners manager also gives you real-time visibility into DCA performance, giving you the information you need to make the right choice of partner, recognise good performance, and address poor performance.


Send accounts to the right DCA
at the right time

Know your portfolio’s true worth before selling

Improve margins on your portfolio and boost returns.

Sell or assign your debt to the most efficient partner

Place your accounts with the partner most suited for the job.

Gain full transparency of your portfolio performance

See how your portfolio is handled and its performance post-assignment/sale.

Unlock up to 60% cost savings.
Make your debt collections tick like clockwork.

Keep more of the profit pie without relying on third parties - all while preserving customer relationships.

Don't miss out any longer.

The role of software in managing debt collection partners

The role of a debt collection partners manager is multifaceted, with many things to consider, including multiple stakeholders, objectives, and challenges. However, with the right software, these complexities can be effectively managed. With the help of software solutions like receeve's debt collection partners manager, businesses in the debt collection industry can turn challenges into opportunities - so let's take a closer look at how they can do that.

Evaluating and selecting debt collection agencies

When partnering with other DCA's, your first task is to evaluate and select competent partners who can help you recover the debt owed. receeve can assist in this process by allowing you to track and analyse agency performance metrics, and helping to ensure that you partner with the most effective agencies.

Collaborating to achieve common goals in debt recovery

Collaboration is key in debt recovery, and that's a big reason why receeve allows for real-time data sharing, goal setting, and progress tracking. This fosters a sense of shared ownership and responsibility between partner companies, and helps to enhance the effectiveness of your debt recovery strategies.

Complying with debt collection legislation

Ensuring that your operations comply with the applicable laws and regulations is crucial in the debt collection industry. receeve makes this aspect of debt recovery operations easier by taking on a range of tasks on your behalf - including automating compliance checks, and flagging potential violations, This activity helps to keep your operations within the confines of the law, protecting your organisation while also maintaining the integrity of your relationships with debt collection partners.

More effective communication strategies with debt collection partners

Effective communication forms the backbone of any partnership, but it's especially important in debt collection. receeve's debt collection partners manager can help to streamline communication channels, provide real-time updates, and promote a culture of transparency and trust between your business, your partner DCA's, and the debtors you work with.

Resolving disputes and conflicts with debt collection partners

Disputes and conflicts can occur in any business relationship, and debt collection is no different. However, if you're using receeve and our debt collection partners manager, you're better equipped to swiftly address and resolve any conflicts that occur because of the wealth of information that the feature can put at your fingertips.

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