Time is money. Make lightning-fast decisions and create strategies at scale.

Wave extended wait times and unforeseen costs goodbye while boosting team autonomy. Handle a rise in case volume efficiently by improving workflows, making quick decisions, and adopting budget-friendly strategies.

Study by RTInsights

"69% of collections operations struggle due to the lack of real-time data, significantly hindering their decision-making processes and operational efficiency."

From the article "Lack of Real-Time Data Slows Down Decision-Making”, published in 2017.

According to a survey by Accenture

"72% of C-suite executives state that their legacy systems hamper their ability to migrate to new technologies, making their IT functions less responsive to market changes."

From the article, “Why Legacy System Modernization is the Key to Unlocking Digital Transformation”.

  • Total Operational Autonomy

    Action strategy changes faster than ever and without relying on external support teams.

  • Integrations Made Simple

    Integrate into any third-party service providers that you want.

  • Predictable Cost Structures

    Easily forecast operating costs regardless of fluctuations in scale and shifting needs.

Truly agile debt collection

Receeve delivers hassle-free debt collection automation, letting you easily set up custom workflows for recovery at every stage, yet its power goes further. Gain more control over your collections process with advanced analytics, real-time tracking, and dynamic reporting. Unlock automation's full potential for efficient and responsive debt recovery.


To implement a best-practice strategy

The time it takes to implement a data-driven recovery strategy with receeve.

1 mil+

Customised outbounds per month

Automated every month.


Additional FTE

Leverage operational best practices and best-in-class collection processes without the need for hiring.

Drag & Drop Strategy Builder

Efficiency made easy

Drag & Drop Strategy Builder

Our drag-and-drop strategy builder is intuitive and user-friendly, making it accessible to anyone without requiring specialized IT expertise. By utilizing clear visual flows, it allows users to seamlessly create and manage strategies, simplifying the process for both beginners and experienced professionals alike.

Ready to Drive Profitability?

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Ready to Drive Profitability?