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Drag & Drop Strategy Builder

Set up automation and custom workflows to boost recoveries across all stages of the debt lifecycle.

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Measurable Outcomes


Cases resolved with strategy automation


Hours saved annually for in-house recovery teams


Reduction in overall recovery time

Drag & Drop Strategy Builder Snipets
  • Visual & Code-less

    Drag and drop strategy builder in simple visual flows — no IT needed.

  • Automated Strategies

    Eliminate repetitive, time-consuming tasks with automation.

  • Custom Segmentation

    Build debt collection strategies tailored for credit segments and channels.


Maximum Flexibility & Control

Start with high performing templates

Choose from pre-built automation templates that replicate industry-leading collection workflows.

Run A/B tests to get the best results

Test continually to optimise outcomes, even in late-stage cases.

Get the right message out in a timely way

React to events in real-time with customisable pre-designated responses.

Unlock up to 60% cost savings.
Make your debt collections tick like clockwork.

Keep more of the profit pie without relying on third parties - all while preserving customer relationships.

See what you are missing.

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