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Let's talk debt collection automation...

receeve delivers hassle-free debt collection automation, letting you easily set up custom workflows for recovery at every stage, yet its power goes further. Gain more control over your collections process with advanced analytics, real-time tracking, and dynamic reporting. Unlock automation's full potential for efficient and responsive debt recovery.

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Measurable Outcomes


Cases resolved with strategy automation


Hours saved annually for in-house recovery teams


Reduction in overall recovery time

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  • Visual & Code-less

    Our drag-and-drop strategy builder is easy to get to grips with and uses visual flows — no specialist IT knowledge needed.

  • Automated Strategies

    The receeve platform lets you eliminate repetitive, time-consuming tasks using automation.

  • Custom Segmentation

    Build bespoke debt collection strategies tailored for specific credit segments and channels.


Maximum Flexibility & Control

Start with high-performing templates

Choose from pre-built automation templates that replicate industry-leading collection workflows.

Run A/B tests to get the best results

Test continually to optimise outcomes, even in late-stage cases.

Get the right message out in a timely way

React to events in real-time with customisable pre-designated responses.

Unlock up to 60% cost savings.
Make your debt collections tick like clockwork.

Keep more of the profit pie without relying on third parties - all while preserving customer relationships.

See what you are missing.

Leveraging the power of debt collection automation

Debt collection has evolved significantly in recent years, largely due to advancements in technology. One of the key drivers of this transformation is debt collection automation. 

Debt collection automation is something that receeve does well - and the drag-and-drop strategy builder, email templates and segmentation features help you maximise process efficiency. Let's take a closer look at the additional possibilities that debt collection automation presents.

The use of AI in debt collection

AI has been a game-changer in many industries in recent years, and debt collection is no exception. With AI, debt collection becomes more efficient and effective, reducing the potential for human error.

AI enhances the debt collection process by enabling the automation of routine tasks such as sending reminders and notices. It also allows for the analysis of vast amounts of data to predict payment behaviour, thus enabling proactive and personalised debt collection strategies. 

Collection agency automation

Collections automation leverages the capabilities of AI to streamline the entire debt collection process. To optimise each step of debt recovery, receeve includes a drag-and-drop strategy builder, a customer payment portal, a case manager, real-time data and reports, and a debt partners manager.

These features allow agencies to create personalised collection strategies, manage customer interactions effectively, and gain real-time insights into collection activities. They also provide a more transparent and customer-friendly collections process.

How debt collection automation enhances collections efficiency

So now you can see why, in today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, "debt collection automation" is a phrase that has been gaining significant traction. At receeve, we've been at the forefront of the digital transformation in debt collection, leveraging technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning to deliver innovative solutions that drive increased collections rates and keep relationships with customers positive. But debt collection automation can also help increase process efficiency through the following data-driven approaches: 

Debt collection applications for machine learning

By analysing historical data, machine learning (ML) algorithms can identify the patterns and trends humans might overlook. For instance, ML models can predict the likelihood of a debtor becoming a paying customer, enabling agencies to prioritise their efforts more effectively and develop more effective, personalised strategies for each debtor - a key feature of the receeve platform.

Digital debt collection

Embracing digitalisation is essential for modern debt collection. Digital debt collection processes, enabled by automation, offer numerous benefits to the agencies that use them well. They minimise the risk of human error, increase long-term customer satisfaction, and significantly improve recovery rates. Digital platforms can also provide a more user-friendly interface for debtors, with options for self-service and automated payment plans, making the repayment process less daunting.

Predictive analytics in debt collection

Predictive analytics is another key component of debt collection automation. This approach to debt resolution involves using advanced data analytics to forecast future outcomes based on historical and current data. Predictive analytics can help collection agencies segment accounts, focusing on debts with a high likelihood of repayment. This not only increases the efficiency of the collection process by ensuring that teams are working on cases where the debt is more likely to be repaid but also aids in compliance with regulations, as agencies can ensure they are targeting legitimate debts.

Workflow automation in debt collection

Workflow automation is a game-changer in debt collection. It automates repetitive tasks, enabling staff to focus on more complex issues. For example, automated systems can send reminders, validate debtor information, and even handle simple negotiation tasks. This both enhances efficiency and helps alleviate the workload and pressures shouldered by your team.

Our concluding thoughts on debt collection automation

Debt collection automation is transforming the way collection agencies operate. By leveraging machine learning, digitalisation, predictive analytics, and workflow automation, it is possible to increase efficiency and improve recovery rates while ensuring customer satisfaction.

At receeve, we are committed to spearheading innovation in the industry and providing our clients with the data-driven solutions they need to navigate the future of debt collection.

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