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Real-time data and reports for debt collections

real-time data and reports for debt collections help both DCAs and debt management operations understand what works and why, and increase their recovery rates as a result.

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Measurable Outcomes


Decrease in time to react & adapt to any market behaviour changes


Reports generated & shared across organisations


Boost in operational efficiency driven by data-led decisions

Real-time Data Snipets
  • Collections Scoring

    Identify and focus on customers, organising them by their likelihood-to-pay and at-risk values.

  • Easy API Integrations

    Want to visualise your data in Power BI, Tableau, Looker Studio, or any other tool? Don't worry - receeve was built to play nice with other platforms, these included.

  • Predictive Analytics

    Leverage machine learning to manage and adapt to potential risks associated with collections, before they become actual problems.


Better, simplified data, delivering better outcomes

Your data is normalised and made accessible for all

No need to be a rocket scientist anymore - with receeve that all-important collections data will be presented in ways everyone can understand.

Your team can finally uncover trends in specific portfolio segments

receeve allows you to share the insights you discover in a report across teams, enabling you to put more brain power into any given task, making it more likely that you'll spot patterns, opportunities or warning signs before it's too late to act on them.

Machine Learning levels up your strategies to improve outcomes

Even without historical data, receeve's AI and machine learning capabilities mean it can still learn and help you optimise your approach to collections.

Unlock up to 60% cost savings.
Make your debt collections tick like clockwork.

receeve's provision of real-time data and reports for debt collections lets you keep more of the profit pie without relying on third parties - all while preserving customer relationships.

See what you are missing.

Want to learn more about receeve?

No problem! In other sections of our site, you'll be able to find out more about life inside receeve and the amazing team working for the business, our thoughts on developments in the debt collections industry, and how to use receeve's real-time data and reports for debt collections operations.We also have a variety of pages dedicated to giving you more information about the receeve platform. Here you can learn about its features and how they can help you render debt collection services effectively, recovering more money - all while complying with regional legislation and law.If you want to go even further, more can be found in our blog and news areas.

Why real-time data and reports for debt collections operations are so important now?

In the modern debt collection industry, important KPIs like your recovery rate and the overall amount of money recouped are often determined by the quality and accuracy of the information at your disposal. One powerful tool that has been increasingly shaping the industry is the use of real-time data and reports for debt collections. Understanding and utilising this tool can significantly enhance a business's efficiency, recovery rates, and customer relationships.

What do we mean by real-time data and reports for debt collections?

Real-time data refers to information that is delivered immediately after collection, without any delay. In the context of debt collections, this would mean receiving instant updates about customers' account statuses, payment activities, and communication records.

Meanwhile, real-time reports are the comprehensive analyses of this data, offering meaningful insights that can help steer decision-making processes. These reports can cover a range of information, from individual account details to overarching trends within the debt portfolio.

The role of real-time data and reports for debt collections

Real-time data and reports play a crucial role in the debt collections industry, serving as the eyes and ears for businesses. This kind of data can help identify patterns, predict customer behaviour, and even flag potential issues before they become significant problems. As such, real-time data and reports for debt collections are not just tools for observation, but also for proactive management.

How receeve's reporting tools and dashboards help in this area

At receeve, we understand the power of real-time data and reports for debt collections. That's why we've developed advanced reporting tools and dashboards specifically designed for this industry.

We know what tools and functionalities DCAs and recovery teams like yours are looking for, and we built receeve to provide them, along with a concise view of your data. With receeve's tools and features, you can quickly understand a portfolio's status, and at the same time make informed decisions about it, based on the real-time data and reports for debt collections provided by the platform.

What other benefits can receeve deliver?

How about these...

Improved collection strategies

Real-time data allows you to monitor the effectiveness of your strategies and adjust them on the fly. You can track which approaches are yielding the best results and which ones need tweaking, ensuring that your strategies are always optimised for success.

Increased efficiency

With real-time reports, you can identify bottlenecks in your operations and address them promptly.

Enhanced recovery rates

Real-time data provides insight into customers' payment habits and financial situations. This allows you to tailor your collection efforts to individual circumstances, thereby increasing your chances of successful recovery.

How real-time data and reports for debt collections can enhance customer relationships and satisfaction

Real-time data and reports don't just benefit businesses - they can also enhance customer relationships and satisfaction. By understanding a customer's financial situation and behaviour patterns, businesses can approach collections in a more personalised and empathetic way - an approach that is proven to raise recovery rates.

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