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Case Manager

Get a 360° view of customer and claims data on one dashboard. Enable your team to prioritise more complex cases and provide a better agent experience.

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Hexagon Solution

Measurable Outcomes


Reduction in total call volume


 Increase in kept promises to pay


 Higher recovery in late collections

Case Manager Snipets
  • Role-based

    View of all customer and claims data on one dashboard.

  • Claim to Account

    Matching for ​debt recovery assessments.

  • Resolve or Escalate

    Cases faster with simplified approval and flagging.


Talking about debt is tough.
Make sure your customer & your team are on the same page.

Understand when & how to tackle difficult conversations

Get the full context of each case before reaching out.

Segment cases data based on credit risk

Expand your agent’s time with flexible automation.

Add a human touch to  higher priority cases

Focus on customers who need it the most.

Unlock up to 60% cost savings.
Make your debt collections tick like clockwork.

Keep more of the profit pie without relying on third parties - all while preserving customer relationships.

See what you are missing.

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