Empowering excellence:
Our remote-first culture

Dive deeper into our work culture, where excellence thrives in a remote-first culture. Flexibility meets intentionality in an environment that fosters transparency and collaboration through synchronous and asynchronous work.

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What it means to be remote-first

Remote work isn’t just work from home. It’s a location-independent business model. What matters are the goals, the deliverables and the output. It’s about collaboration principles and transparency towards a shared mission & vision. 

Remote work is about the “how” and “what” of work, and not about the “where”.  It’s a smart approach that connects technology with what people can do best, on their own terms.

Our remote first philosophy

We are a remote-first company.
For us, this means the following:

  • Performance Always Comes First

    What matters are the goals, deliverables, outputs as well as the work quality. We expect every team member to possess a high level of accountability and always stay on top of their own tasks.

  • If It’s Not Documented, It Doesn’t Exist

    It’s imperative to document your work so that you and the team can keep track of all the progress. This also refers to processes, procedures and project management.

  • Fostering an Async-First Approach

    We don’t spam everyone with numerous messages and virtual calls. Instead, we intentionally design asynchronous communication patterns. Real-time conversations shouldn’t be meaningful (such as brainstorming or real-time decisions).

  • We Lead by Example

    We understand that great impact is a step by step process. That’s why our own actions inspire others to join the mission.

  • Transparency is Key

    People can’t read our minds. We communicate in a concise, direct and efficient manner.

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Asynch vs Synch Work

Navigating synchronous and asynchronous work in our remote-first culture

Our way of working combines flexibility with intentionality. Discover principles that guide our dynamic balance between synchronous and asynchronous work, creating an environment where efficiency and autonomy coexist seamlessly.

Employer working Synchronous
  • Keep your calendar up to date

    Focus time, meetings, business travel or absences should always be added to your calendar. We don’t want to confuse anyone!

  • Make virtual meetings meaningful

    Follow our virtual meeting guidelines to make sure this time is spent productively.

  • Share context for alignment

    Avoid random messaging. Think first, then hit the “send” button. That’s how everyone can save time and frustration.

  • Always
    be on time

    We don’t like waiting in virtual meetings. If you’re late - let everyone know upfront but this should never be a rule.

Employer working asynchronous
  • Over-documentation

    If it’s not documented properly, it doesn’t exist. Make sure that you fully benefit from our virtual toolkit. Document work and processes. Our goal is to make everything searchable and easy to understand.

  • Be a planning master

    Be intentional about teamwork and your tasks. Try to get as much information as possible from others to work independently. Avoid interrupting others just because you haven’t been proactive upfront.

  • First search, then ask

    Try to find a solution on your own first. If you can’t fit it - ask others. There are no stupid questions, unless responses are easy to find in our virtual toolkit or online.