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Discover a workplace where excellence is not just a goal - it's our culture. Immerse yourself in a dynamic work environment that prioritises performance, embraces asynchronous collaboration, and thrives on transparent communication.

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Empowering excellence: Achieving goals and building accountability in our remote-first culture

  • Performance Always Comes First

    It's not just about tasks; it's about achieving goals, delivering outstanding outputs, and maintaining impeccable work quality. We believe that each team member brings value and contributes to our collective success.

  • If It’s Not Documented, It Doesn’t Exist

    Documentation is the backbone of progress. We emphasise the importance of documenting work, processes, procedures, and project management.

  • Fostering an Async-First Approach

    We design asynchronous communication patterns and prioritise meaningful real-time conversations for activities like brainstorming and crucial decision-making.

  • Leading by Example

    We believe in leading by example, understanding that great impact is a step-by-step process. Our actions inspire others to join our mission, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and shared success.

  • Transparency is Key

    Communication at receeve is built on transparency. We understand that people can't read minds, so we communicate in a concise, direct, and efficient manner. This commitment to transparency ensures that everyone is on the same page, fostering a collaborative and open environment.

Experience life at receeve:
A glimpse behind the scenes!

Learn about our culture, team dynamics, employee perspectives and the spirit that propels us forward as we redefine what it means to work together.

Recruitment process

A look inside our hiring process

  • Step 1 - Application assessment

    This is the first step of the process where we'll check if your application matches the basic criteria of the role. We're on the lookout for specific experience and cultural clues, especially focusing on language, to understand how well candidates match our values. This helps us pick a small group we think would be great to start interviewing.

  • Step 2 - Technical & culture interview

    We ask all candidates the same culture-related questions in our interviews, keeping the same order each time. The technical part aims to grasp the candidate's experience and hard skills that are essential to succeed in the role.

  • Step 3 - Assignment & panel interview

    We like to give candidates a small task to work on. It helps us see how they'd handle real work situations. Plus, it gives candidates a glimpse into what their daily tasks might be like here. Later, the candidate meets with the hiring manager to discuss it in detail.

  • Step 4 - Meet & greet team meeting

    This is a chance for the candidate to meet potential future teammates. It's a relaxed meeting where everyone can ask questions to see how they'd fit together. Usually, this is the last step, unless we're hiring for a management position!

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