Make Better Decisions 

Picture your collections department as limitlessly scalable, using data to make truly smart decisions. With the help of AI-powered insights, the receeve platform anticipates challenges ahead of time and finds the best paths to boost your recovery rates, helping your business grow.

Study by the Aite Group

"62% of collections operations struggle with lack of real-time client data and insights."

Report titled "Optimising Collections Operations Through Digital Transformation" published in 2021.

Access real-time data

Generate real-time insights that accelerate the strategic performance of your collections operation. Get back in the driver's seat with client behavior insights, optimised strategies, and fine-tuned risk evaluations.

  • Unparalleled Data Access

    Collect, manage and utilise debt data at every stage of the collections process.

  • Self-Sufficient Collections

    Run collections with data-driven strategies that require minimal human decision-making.

  • Supercharge Agent Performance

    Data-driven case management with behavioral scoring and a centralised communications center.

Artificial Intelligence at receeve

At the heart of receeve lies advanced AI tools that drive intelligent automation and data-driven decision-making across the collections process. 

Debt Data Engine™ - The brains of the operation

With AI as the driving force, receeve empowers you to navigate the diverse terrain of debt recovery with precision, harnessing the full potential of your data to unlock self-sufficient collections workflows and accelerate access to liquidity. 

Behavioral scoring: Smarter, faster collections and recovery with AI.

A core component of our Data & AI solutions is the powerful behavioral scoring feature which employs tailored AI models trained exclusively on your data to provide valuable, actionable insights into each case's likelihood of repayment and self-service potential. 

How It Works

Our tailored behavioral scoring AI model is trained exclusively on your data and customer segments. It assigns a score to each case, enabling you to group them based on unique characteristics and tailor strategies accordingly.

Real-World Results

Receeve's Data & AI capabilities have delivered impressive results for our clients:

  • 25% increase in collections recovery rates (Source: Receeve Internal Data)

  • 35% reduction in operational costs through automated workflows (Source: Client Case Study)

  • 80% precision in predicting claim resolution before DPD60 using behavioral scoring models (Source: Receeve Internal Data)

Key Behavioral Scoring Benefits:

  • Estimate repayment probability within specific timeframes for proactive action

  • Gaute self-service potential to drive more efficient digital engagement

  • Craft personalised strategies based on behavioral insights

  • Optimise channel usage for those inclined to self-serve

Optimising debtor communications

  • Guy in front of a dashboard holding a computer

    Hey, what's this AI communication optimization feature I've been hearing about?

  • receeve hexagon logo

    It's a game-changer for optimising how we communicate with debtors! Let me break it down:

  • The AI communication optimization step lets clients optimise the content and templates used in their communication strategies within our Strategy Builder.

  • It tracks metrics like email open rates, landing page visits, and payment rates. Based on this data, the AI figures out the best content and channels for each debtor segment.

  • Guy in front of a dashboard holding a computer

    Whoa, smart! So it's like an AI communication coach?

  • receeve hexagon logo

    Exactly! But there's more...

  • Clients can test multiple email/message templates at once. Our AI does large-scale A/B testing across them using advanced multi-armed bandit techniques.

  •  It automatically favours and reinforces the highest-performing templates and channels for each debtor group, continuously optimising over time.

  • Guy in front of a dashboard holding a computer

    That's brilliant! No more guesswork on what communications work best.

  • receeve hexagon logo

    Precisely! It's intelligent, data-driven, and self-optimizing. We're taking debtor communications to a whole new level of efficiency and engagement.

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