Gain trust with great customer experiences

Seamlessly integrate new payment providers, DCAs, and communications channels without the hassle. Create customized strategies and improve engagement with tailored communication.

According to Zendesk

"72% of customers rate personalization as “highly important” for financial services."

From the article "5 banking customer experience trends to consider for 2024”, published in 2024.

  • Increased Collections Success

    Maximize customer engagement with the most impactful channels and messaging.

  • No Heavy Lifting

    We connect you to any new payment provider, DCA or communications channel.

  • Diversified Collections Outreach

    Expand and diversify your outreach strategies by activating new channels with ease.

Communications outreach made easy

The receeve Communication Center - a user-friendly and strategic tool for operations, focused on agent-account interactions.

This centralized hub provides a single place of truth, a complete overview of all communications, improving engagement and response time. It empowers agents with full interaction history (including all communication events from strategies) and allows for template-based or free text communications back and forth.

1 mil+

Customised outbounds per month

Automated every month.


Less chasing

dentify early accounts likely to self-resolve, and allow them to do so. Automatically share data for self-resolution.

Drag & Drop Strategy Builder

Efficiency made easy

Drag & Drop Strategy Builder

Our Communication Center creates a bridge between agents and debtors by providing a comprehensive, centralized platform for managing all debtor communications. Both for comprehensive view and to create new interactions.

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Ready to Drive Profitability?