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Meet receeve's debt collection platform.

Debt Data Engine™
The Brains of the Operation

Debt Data Engine™ - The brains of the operation

Our Debt Data Engine™ seamlessly boosts collections and recovery performance, powering an adaptive and self-sufficient system that accelerates access to profitability with automation and AI.

Unparalleled Data Access

Collect, manage and utilise debt data at every stage of the collections process.

Self-Sufficient Collections

Run collections with data-driven strategies that require minimal human decision-making.

KPI-Driven Operations

Efficient planning and reporting throughout every phase of the debt collection process.

Time-to-Value Accelerator
Achieve more with Fewer Resources

Profit Building Automator

Reduce time and resource costs while empowering your collections team to operate autonomously. Manage increased case demand and scale your collections through streamlined processes, swift decision-making, and cost-effective strategies.

Total Operational Autonomy

Action strategy changes faster than ever and without relying on external support teams.

Predictable Cost Structures

Easily forecast operating costs regardless of fluctuations in scale and shifting needs.

Integrations Made Simple

Integrate with any third-party service providers of your choice.

Drag & Drop Strategy Builder
Drag & Drop Strategy Builder Icon

Drag & Drop Strategy Builder

Set up automation and custom workflows to boost recoveries across all stages of the debt lifecycle.

Drag & Drop Strategy Builder

Profit Building Automator
Move from Cost Centre to Profit Driver

Profit Building Automator

Optimise collections operations by allocating resources where they’re needed the most and automate the rest. Confidently handle scaling claims without escalating workforce or operational costs. Throw in highly tailored strategies and leverage our no-code functionality for effortless adjustments to give your recovery rate a boost.

Predictable Operating Costs

Forecast costs with unmatched consistency, even as claims grow.

Limited Manual Intervention

Eliminate process inconsistencies and errors from manual operations.

Measurable Operational Efficiency

Reduce operational downtime and better allocate resources to focus on high-value cases.

Case Manager
Case Manager Icon

Case Manager

Get a 360° view of customer and claims data on one dashboard. Enable your team to prioritise more complex cases and provide a better agent experience.

Case Manager

Customer Engagement Designer
Delight Them with Great Experiences 

Customer Engagement Designer

Seamlessly integrate new payment providers, DCAs, and communications channels without the hassle. We build robust and reliable integrations that enable you to create customised strategies delivered via tailored communication.

No Heavy Lifting

We connect you to any new payment provider, DCA or communications channel.

Increased Collections Success

Maximise customer engagement with the most impactful channels and messaging.

Diversified Outreach Strategies

Expand and diversify your outreach strategies by activating new channels with ease.

Professional Pit Crew Services
Accelerate the Path to Success

Professional Pit-Crew Services

Our team is ready to guide you through the platform integration, set up and ongoing operations. Head to receeve’s pit stop to tackle any internal resource limitations that may throw a wrench in your collection plans.

Accelerate Performance

Get your team on the fastest path to success with our best-practice guidance & support.

Bridge Resource Gaps

Address resource limitations that may prevent you from fully leveraging the platform.

Ongoing Support

Build a competitive edge with constant advice on strategy adaptation and refinement.

Power meets flexibility

From manual workflows to fully autonomous operations

Run collections with full autonomy at any level with receeve’s AI-powered debt collection software. Four levels of autonomous collections operations:


Level 0

Manual operations

  • Debt collection relies on manual agent operation, requiring active monitoring for consistent debtor interactions and recovery via a single communication channel.

Level 1

Digitalisation with centralised debt data

  • All claims and accounts data are centralised in a single place of truth.
  • Agents can approach debtors and view accounts with a 360° view.
  • Data can be leveraged to optimise manual operations.

Level 2

Tailored and automated communications

  • Debtors receive customised communications through multiple channels.
  • Intelligent strategies trigger automatic, engaging communications. 
  • Access the complete communication history at any time and boost efficiency with tools like our predictive dialer. 

Level 3

Self-serving resolution and dynamic reaction

  • Customised landing pages, payment providers and processes give debtors full autonomy in self-curing.
  • The system dynamically reacts to the debtors' actions.
  • A/B testing and automatic optimisation are easily available.

Level 4

Fully autonomous collections

  • Keep total control of your strategy.
  • Collection operations are fully autonomous, fueled by machine learning insights and segmentation.
  • Agents now serve as debt strategists, guiding a self-driving system.

Unlock up to 60% cost savings and make your debt collections tick like clockwork.

Our platform helps you to keep more of the profit pie while also preserving customer relationships - all without reliance on third parties.

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