Predictable pricing. Transparent processes.

Allocate resources where they’re needed most and automate the rest. Confidently handle scaling claims without escalating costs or expanding your workforce. Throw in tailored strategies and leverage our no-code functionality for effortless strategy changes to give your recovery rate a boost.

"Companies that adopt digital-first solutions have seen a reduction in collection costs by at least 15% and increased monthly installment payments by threefold across portfolios."

From the article "Holistic customer assistance through digital-first collections”, published in 2021.

  • Predictable Operating Costs

    Forecast costs with unmatched consistency, even as claims grow.

  • Measurable Operational Efficiency

    Reduce operational downtime and better allocate resources to focus on high-value cases.

  • Limited Manual Intervention

    Eliminate process consistencies and errors from manual operations.

From manual workflows to fully autonomous operations

Run collections with full autonomy at any level with AI-powered debt collection.


Manual operations

  • Debt collection relies on manual agent operation, requiring active monitoring for consistent debtor interactions and recovery via a single communication channel.

Digitalisation with centralised debt data

  • All claims and accounts data are centralised in a single place of truth.
  • Agents can approach debtors and view accounts with a 360° view.
  • Data can be leveraged to optimise manual operations.

Tailored and automated communications

  • Debtors receive customised communications through multiple channels.
  • Intelligent strategies trigger automatic, engaging communications. 
  • View the complete communication history at any time and boost efficiency with our predictive dialer.

Self-serving resolution and dynamic reaction

  • Customised landing pages, payment providers and processes give debtors full autonomy in self-curing.
  • The system dynamically reacts to the debtors' actions.
  • A/B testing and automatic optimization are accessible.

Fully autonomous collections

  • Keep total control of your strategy.
  • Fully autonomous collections processes, fueled by machine learning insights and segmentation.
  • Agents now serve as debt strategists, guiding a self-driving system.

Get the complete picture of customers and claims

Receeve’s Case Manager gives you a 360° view of customers and claims data on one dashboard. Enable your team to prioritise more complex cases and provide a better agent experience - all with our platform.

  • Role-based

    receeve gives you a comprehensive view of all customers and claims data on one dashboard.

  • Claim to Account

    Matching for debt recovery assessments.

  • Resolve or Escalate

    Decide when and how to take action on cases faster, with simplified approval and flagging.

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Ready to Drive Profitability?