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Collections Driven by You: Fueling Profitability with Strategic and Operational Autonomy 

Gain total control of your debt management operations by leveraging data to build long-term value with receeve’s 5 strategic pillars

Picture a scenario where you're fully in charge. Data is the backbone of all your operations. It informs recovery forecasts and fuels the AI automation that cuts your costs while delivering customisable strategies based on your customers' preferences. With our 5-pillar approach, this vision is within your reach.

In recent years, we've seen seismic shifts across FinTech as AI continues to influence technology and innovation at an unprecedented pace. However, amidst all this progress, one critical aspect seems to be lagging behind: debt management. We still see many businesses grappling with highly manual processes, spreadsheets and outdated communications. The lack of control makes your forecasting a challenge, slows the rate of change and creates non-forecastable, unforeseen costs.

That’s why we created receeve – to address the growing need for greater strategic control, improved process agility and autonomy, and most importantly, better rates of recovery. At the platform’s core lie five key pillars, designed to meet these core objectives and help you collect more, and fast. Let’s explore them.

Debt Data Engine™ - The brains of the operation

Debt Data Engine™

At the heart of receeve lies the Debt Data Engine™, a powerful tool that captures key transaction data to generate essential insights that drive collection strategies and mitigate risks. This data is the catalyst for better debt management, helping to drive more effective strategies, increased debtor engagement and richer customer profiles - as well as improving the value of debt portfolios. These are key drivers for speeding up your access to cash and turning your operation into a profit source.  

CFOs and CTOs often grapple with limited visibility into their collections operations, constraining their grasp of ongoing activities and impeding their ability to convey relevant information to other stakeholders within the company. This limitation impacts the extraction of value for broader commercial goals. However, receeve's data-smart approach empowers them to gain meaningful insights, boost resource allocation, and enhance risk evaluation.

By providing visibility across the collections value chain, receeve enables collections teams to refine strategies dynamically and minimise the likelihood of client default. With traceability embedded into every interaction, your team gains 360-degree insights into customer behaviour, empowering you to tailor collections approaches effectively.

Time-to-Value Accelerator - Achieve more with fewer resources

Time-to-Value Accelerator

Efficiency and agility are paramount in collections operations, yet traditional systems often bog down operations with reliance on IT support and unpredictable costs. receeve's Time-to-Value Accelerator maximises operational agility, enabling swift changes without external dependencies. As a result, stakeholders benefit from simplified processes, reduced support costs, and increased autonomy, driving tangible financial upsides and greatly improved operational performance.

The platform's Strategy Builder empowers collections teams to adapt and test strategies seamlessly, fostering true autonomy and scalability while accelerating collections to enable scalable debt management as your business grows.

Profit-Building Automator - Move from cost centre to profit driver 

Profit-Building Automator

Amid rising volumes in the market, businesses need consistency and efficiency in collections management. receeve's Profit Building Automator offers a solution, streamlining processes, and driving automation across the collections lifecycle. This means your CTO/CFO gains unmatched visibility into performance metrics, enabling accurate forecasting and cost management.

Through process standardisation and automation, collections teams can optimise resource allocation, reduce operational costs, and ensure scalability without proportional increases in workforce or expenses. Automation-driven operations bolster efficiency, resilience, and profitability, laying the foundation for sustainable growth.

Customer Engagement Designer - Delight customers with great experiences 

Customer Engagement Designer

Effective engagement with your customer lies at the heart of successful collections, yet outdated processes often fail to deliver positive user experiences, resulting in few successful recoveries. receeve's Customer Engagement Designer was created to help you achieve this, offering an omnichannel approach that meets customers on their terms, based on their preferences. Using key insights from the Debt Data Engine™, receeve generates tailored messaging that truly resonates with the debtor, with outreach on the most effective channel for the customer. This serves the core operational need for driving faster debt recovery and enhancing customer satisfaction.  

For collections teams, the seamless integration of new channels and payment providers ensures easy flexibility and scalability. This empowers collections teams to effectively engage customers while optimising resources and costs, enabling your team to focus on higher-value cases and more high-value processes.

Professional Pit Crew Services - Accelerate the path to success

Professional Pit Crew Services

receeve's professional services provide comprehensive assistance in the initial setup and implementation of the platform - along with ongoing support. Our team guides you through the onboarding process, ensuring a smooth integration and understanding of the platform's functionalities and approaches for best-practice use. Assistance enables you to confidently rely on the software without the need for extensive manual interventions.

Once set up, your team can confidently rely on receeve to automate and streamline collections processes, making minor adjustments as needed based on the valuable data recorded by the platform. Our team is on hand to offer additional support when needed, enhancing overall experiences and ensuring increasing investment value over time.

Ready to learn how receeve can drive your business to increased recoveries through data-driven insights? Book a call with us today to learn more.

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