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receeve: Debt Collection Software UK DCAs Love!

receeve: Debt Collection Software UK DCAs Love!

Like other countries in Europe and across the world, the UK has its own rules and regulations when it comes to debt collection. These rules and regulations - as you might expect - dictate the procedures for debt collection in the UK, outlining the permissible actions for both debtors and debt collection agencies in the process of collecting or settling debts. In this blog, we'll take a closer look at the features and functionalities that make receeve the debt collection software UK DCAs love.

receeve - debt collection software UK DCAs love!

receeve ensures compliance with debt collection legislation

No matter whether you're a bank, credit agency, loan company, or some other form of financial business, you need to be careful how you go about collecting money owed to make sure any action you undertake in the UK is lawful in the UK. receeve is the ideal solution to help with this as compliance is baked into its very design. In the UK, Germany, and every other country where we operate, you can rest assured that receeve supports your efforts in ensuring your activities comply with all relevant legislation. 

receeve - debt collection software UK DCAs love!

receeve makes it easy to develop collection strategies

Unlike a number of other debt collection providers, receeve uses a drag-and-drop strategy builder. This functionality enhances the system's accessibility and the user experience provided to your team, since the no-code approach means only basic IT knowledge is required to use the platform effectively. In addition to the sheer ease of use provided by the drag-and-drop interface, receeve also provides a wealth of automation, segmentation and testing functionalities to try out and add to your debt collection activities. The platform also provides a range of templating possibilities that make carrying out, or reporting on, certain activities easier - along with more practical help such as action scheduling and workflow management.

receeve - debt collection software UK DCAs love!

receeve helps customers to pay their own debts

When you empower your customers by giving them a choice in how they pay their debt, good things happen. That's why we made sure to include a customer payment portal into the receeve platform. By giving them a choice of payment methods, you make it easier for them to pay. But there are also a number of other indirect benefits that can come with offering options and choices during the debt recovery process. For one, by offering the opportunity to choose, you give a measure of control back to the customer. This is likely to lead to improved overall customer satisfaction, making debtors more willing to see you as someone they're working with, rather than as an adversary. Once this sentiment is in place, you have the foundations of a great working relationship with the client, and a good relationship like this is key to driving increases in both engagement and recovery rates.

receeve - debt collection software UK DCAs love!

receeve helps your team stay on top of your caseload

Managing multiple debtor accounts can be complicated, especially if each one involves a personalised collection strategy or process. However, receeve's abilities as a case management platform are just the thing UK-based DCAs need to keep their workload under control and managed well. Even better, receeve’s case management tool offers data-driven reports and greater insight into your clients’ circumstances and behaviour, thereby delivering improved scope to proactively address at-risk customers and adjust your recovery strategy accordingly. Add in the platform’s high capacity for operations like customer segmentation, case assignment and more, and you get an effective tool that once again only helps your team do their job well and recover more money.


receeve - debt collection software UK DCAs love!

receeve lets you understand the situation and react quickly

Our platform's ability to provide your debt collection teams and decision-makers with real-time analytics data and the insights that lie behind the data points is a game changer. Whether it's data-based reporting on past activities or using historical data to forecast future events using the platform's predictive analytics technology, when you choose receeve, you’re empowered to make full use of the business intelligence information at your fingertips.

receeve - debt collection software UK DCAs love!

receeve helps you to work with your partners

At receeve, we know your debt recovery portfolio likely includes a number of partner organisations. That’s why we included a range of features and functionalities to make working with those partners easier. receeve can match portfolios to the right debt collection agency with a high degree of accuracy, and make sure that they are passed along at the right time so they can be acted upon promptly and prudently. At the same time, it can also give you a high degree of insight into collections performance and progress. In short, it’s just what you need to stay on top of your workflow, monitor partner activity and effectiveness - and as a result, collect smarter, not harder.

receeve - debt collection software UK DCAs love!

receeve plays nicely with others

We also know that receeve isn't going to be the only software solution you'll be using in the office, and that's why we built the platform to be easily integrable with a wide range of software and apps from different industries and developers - including key documents and assets like your CRM and ERP platforms. We truly believe this high scope for integration and use alongside your existing tech infrastructure is one of the things that helps to make receeve debt collection software UK DCAs love, and one of the most powerful and productive tools in the industry.

receeve - debt collection software UK DCAs love!

Where can I learn more about receeve?

Now that you've seen why receeve is the debt collection software UK DCA's love, you might also be pleased to learn that you're already in the best place to learn about the receeve product as a whole. 

Right here on our website you'll find further information about each of the aspects that we've mentioned on this page, as well as more about our team, what it's like to work here at receeve HQ, and our take on the issues that matter in the modern debt collections industry. So, feel free to have a click around at your leisure. 

Don’t forget that you can book a demo quickly and easily by clicking here. Or if you have a question you'd like answered and you can't find that answer on our website, reach out to us via our contact us page, or over social media on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter.

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