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receeve - The Debt Collections Recovery Software You Need

receeve - the debt collections recovery software you need

If you've been in search of a debt collections recovery software platform that offers easy customisation to fit your needs, seamless integration with your current systems, and boundless scalability to grow alongside your business, then we're excited to share some fantastic news with you – receeve is the ideal debt collections recovery software solution you've been seeking!

In this blog, the receeve team will outline the key features and attributes that make receeve the perfect fit for your needs. We'll also address common questions about receeve and lay out insightful stats illustrating the platform’s successes for businesses to date.

The features included with our debt collections recovery software

Drag & drop strategy builder

Craft tailored debt collection and recovery strategies to suit your market, or take advantage of our range of pre-configured, best-practice workflows & templates.
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Customer payment portal

Our debt collections recovery software enables you to communicate with your customers through various channels, such as email, SMS, online landing pages, or any preferred medium, ensuring a more personalised dunning strategy for improved repayment rates.
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Case manager

receeve's case manager tool provides your agents with a complete view of the customer data that matters, all in one workspace, optimising debt collection in a single platform.
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Real-time data & reports

The analytics capabilities within the receeve debt collections recovery software platform let you keep track of the metrics that matter and use features like data visualisation to make data-driven decisions more quickly.
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Debt partners manager

receeve makes it easier to assign or sell your portfolios to the right DCA partner and optimise them for maximum return.
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The qualities that make receeve's debt collections recovery software easy to work with

Our debt collection platform allows you to swiftly launch and start seeing favourable outcomes within weeks. This rapid deployment is attributed to the platform’s user-friendly design, API connectivity and no-code functionality, boosting your operational autonomy. receeve was meticulously crafted to be easily navigable without the need for specialised IT expertise, seamlessly harnessing cloud technology while integrating smoothly with your existing systems.


With receeve, you can build highly effective debt collection strategies that are tailored for specific credit segments, or even individual clients - all without needing to call in your IT team.


receeve was born in the cloud and built with scalability in mind. Because of this, it’s easy to access new features without waiting for upgrades or suffering disruptive downtime. These capabilities make it easier to reduce costs and gain control.


receeve’s integration capacity enables the real-time flow of information between existing systems and the platform, shortening recovery time, improving data fidelity, and boosting recovery rates.

Baked-in peace of mind

Our platform's code incorporates regulation and compliance standards, with ongoing updates to ensure adherence to legal processes, allowing you to concentrate on optimising resource allocation and enhancing recovery efforts.

receeve can help you through every step of the debt collection process


At the pre-delinquent stage, our software lets you identify and retain your high-risk customers before they default, allowing action to be taken that might prevent the need for more intensive recovery operations later on.

Early collections

With our debt collections recovery software, you can point your debtors towards our customer payment portal, empowering them to self-cure rather than deal with agents.

Late collections

receeve provides the flexibility to offer customised payment plans and discounts, improving the chance of recovery in late collections stages. Further, our platform's behavioural scoring tool, along with its robust reporting and analytics features, empowers you to prioritise tasks more efficiently. This ensures that agents can concentrate on high-value cases, optimizing overall performance.

Recovery and assignment

With tools like the debt partner manager, receeve enables collections teams to enhance recovery efforts, providing scope to monitor the performance of partner organisations and ensure that appropriate cases are assigned to partners best suited for effective recovery. This ensures optimal allocation of resources and increases the likelihood of recovering owed funds.

The performance of our debt collections recovery software in numbers

  • On average, somewhere in the world, a case is resolved using receeve every 100 seconds.
  • We have partner businesses who use the receeve platform and see us as their trusted collections partner in over 25 countries.
  • So far, receeve has been used to process over €2 billion in claims - and that number is growing every single day!

Frequently asked questions

Where does receeve sit on my system? Do I need to provide space or is it cloud-native?

Our debt collections recovery software operates entirely in the cloud. This eliminates the need for our clients to maintain or manage a physical server on their business premises.

Will I need much support from my IT staff to run receeve?

receeve debt collections recovery software needs no support from your IT team. It's a no-code platform, meaning any user can easily get to grips with it and use the drag-and-drop interface to create customised strategies no matter their tech knowledge. Even better, once implemented, it can run without any help from a dedicated IT team.

How much time do you take to implement receeve? How soon can we start using your debt collections recovery software?

In the opening stages of each project, we go through each client's requirements with them and provide a time-bound implementation plan. The implementation phase is quick and fully supported by our team of experts, so in most cases, we're ready to proceed with the first lean implementation within a couple of weeks.

What kind of support can we expect from receeve for implementation?

From gathering your requirements to going live, we support you through each phase.

After going live, you will be taken care of by our experts in the customer success team. If you have an existing implementation or need help with existing workflows, our team will be happy to help.

I already have a platform to help me with my collections, will it take a lot of effort to change to receeve?

Not at all. That might even be helpful. If you already have software in place, then an API integration or file integration is all that’s necessary before you can start using receeve.

What kind of support can I expect receeve after we start using your debt collections recovery software?

Our customer success team is always available to assist you with any concerns related to the platform. At receeve, our mission is to consistently provide the features, functionalities, and support that your debt collection needs demand. Therefore, we're proactive in seeking ways to enhance your experience. We also rigorously test our systems and new features to ensure they consistently deliver on their promises.

What happens to my current workflow if I choose receeve?

You'll have the choice to maintain the software with minimal alterations or optimise it according to your needs. receeve provides a selection of templates designed to assist in this process. These templates not only conform to industry best practices but also allow for extensive customisation to suit your specific requirements.

What is the capacity of the platform for handling claims?

receeve is a cloud-native platform, which means it can easily scale alongside your business and meet any debt collection-related process or operational requirement that arises as your business grows.

Ready to get started, or want to learn even more?

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Following us on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook is a great way to stay updated with industry trends and happenings right here at receeve HQ. But if you're eager to kickstart your journey with our debt collections recovery software, there's nothing quite like reaching out and getting in touch with us directly to set things in motion.

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