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Solarisbank teams up with receeve

receeve is proud to announce Solarisbank, Europe’s leading banking-as-a-service (BaaS) platform as it’s latest customer. Berlin-based Solarisbank is ultimately a technology company with a banking license. They have mastered the technical and regulatory complexities of banking, enabling their clients to focus on what's most important: their customers. In July 2021 Solarisbank raised over €190 million in an oversubscribed Series D funding round and joined forces with fintech powerhouse Contis, a partnership that will put them at the cutting edge of Banking-as-a-Service technology in the UK, Europe, and beyond.

receeve’s leading collections & recovery technology platform adds to Solarisbank’s API accessible financial services allowing their clients to quickly and seamlessly create their own state of the art collections & recovery solution to drive engagement, recovery and profitability. 

2022 will bring challenges and opportunities for businesses. A first-mover advantage will drive success for those taking advantage of cloud-native platforms offering the best possible conditions for scale and automation as well as improving the customer experience. “As brands become banks, they require an approach to addressing not only customer growth but also a proactive strategy and tools to address customers facing payment difficulties. The Solarisbank and receeve partnership provides clients the speed and agility to address both - empowering exceptional banking experiences and allowing clients to remain owners of the full customer relationship.” says Paul Jozefak, CEO & co-founder of receeve.

The promise of embedded finance continues - better customer experience, stronger customer loyalty, new revenue streams and precious data on the payment behaviour of the company's user base. “Embedded finance has become more mainstream and AI-powered technologies help understanding customers' needs. That extends to addressing customers in facing issues with payments. receeve provides our partners a seamless solution to address credit management end-to-end, with the best user experience top of mind, especially when customers are in vulnerable situations.” says Sergey Zhuravskiy, Head of Dunning and Collection at Solarisbank AG.

Both Solarisbank and receeve’s global infrastructure and comprehensive set of cloud services are built on AWS providing their clients the agility, security, high performance, and reliability required to take advantage of opportunities in 2022 and beyond. 

About receeve

receeve is a fully customisable all-in-one platform for collections & recovery. We simplify the growing complexity of data and systems and empower in-house teams to easily automate processes, engage customers and apply 360° insights to maximise recovery and minimise risk across every stage of credit management - from pre-delinquency to portfolio assignment or sale. A perfect balance of ease-of-use and power, receeve’s cloud-native, no-code platform is fast to deploy, simple to manage and easy to customise and expand.

About Solarisbank

Solarisbank and Contis provide Europe's leading Banking-as-a-Service platform. We enable other businesses to offer their own financial services both rapidly and compliantly in the EEA and UK. Via APIs, our partners can integrate modular financial services directly into their own product offering. Our services cover fiat and crypto assets, lending as well as payments, card issuing and processing. In 2021, we opened up branches in France, Italy, and Spain to offer local IBANs, providing access to local financial ecosystems in Europe’s largest markets. Headquartered in Berlin and London, our group now boasts over 700 employees at eight locations in Europe and in India. Combined net revenues in 2021 amounted to around EUR 100 million, representing over 90 percent year-on-year growth.

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