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Leading B2B payments platform reaches 97% recovery rate with receeve

Learn how we transformed a leading B2B payments platform's collections and recoveries by addressing these core issues:

  • Template and Strategy Control
    We empowered the client by providing control over templates and strategies, reducing dependency on external development for system customisation.
  • Collections Agility
    By introducing enhanced agility in collections, we enabled the client to adapt and optimise strategies more efficiently.
  • Integration with External DCAs
    We facilitated seamless integration with external debt collection agencies, streamlining the collections process for improved efficiency.
  • Time Efficiency
    We minimised time investment in collections operations, resulting in faster and more accurate collections strategies.
  • Improved Communication
    Through the implementation of a debtor landing page, we enabled better communication with debtors, enhancing the overall collections experience.
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Read our case study to learn how we helped a market-leading payment platform achieve true collections agility through data-led decision-making, increased speed and accuracy, and maximised debtor responses and recoveries.

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