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Debt Collection Agencies

receeve - debt collections software for agencies

Providing Debt Collection Agencies with future-proof solutions to optimise debt recovery and deliver exceptional results.

Debt Collection Agencies
Debt Collection Agencies

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Debt Collection Agencies

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Measurable Outcomes


Measurable Outcomes

  • 40%

    Increase in total digital collections

  • 3x

    Boost in digital instalment plan adoption

  • 5 Million+

    High converting content pieces distributed

key Features

Benefits for Debt Collection Agencies

  • No-code

    Build debt collection strategies tailored for specific credit segments.

    Zero IT support needed.

  • Cloud-native

    Born in the cloud & built with scalability in mind. Access new features without waiting for upgrades or suffering disruptive downtime. Reduce costs and gain control.

  • Integrations

    Enable the real-time flow of information between systems, applications and devices to improve insights, recovery time and recovery rates.

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How collections software for agencies makes debt collection easier

In the challenging world of debt collection, efficiency and precision are key. That's where platforms like receeve - debt collections software for agencies - step in, providing a much-needed solution which helps agencies streamline processes, maintain records, and ensure legal compliance.

Streamlining the collection process

Our collections software for agencies is designed to automate and streamline the debt collection process. Whether it's tracking overdue accounts or setting up automated reminders, receeve can significantly reduce the time and effort required for these tasks.

Record-keeping and updating

In the debt collection industry, accurate record-keeping is essential - but then, if you're here, you probably already know that. However, receeve provides a centralised platform where all relevant information can be stored and updated in real time. This ensures that all team members are working with the most current data and can make informed decisions that benefit your business and your recovery rate.

Processing payments

receeve simplifies the payment process for both the agency and the debtor. Secure online payments, craft flexible payment plans, and generate immediate payment confirmations.

Compliance and legal regulations

With ever-changing legal regulations, maintaining compliance can be a real challenge for a debt collection agency. Fortunately, receeve helps manage this risk by keeping track of evolving regulations and ensuring that all actions an agency takes are compliant with the rules currently in effect. This significantly reduces the risk of legal issues, protecting both the agency and the debtor.

Analytics and reporting

Data-driven decision-making is crucial in the debt collection industry. That's why our collections software for agencies offers comprehensive analytics and reporting features, allowing agencies to track performance, identify trends, and make better strategic decisions faster.

Communication with debtors

Clear and respectful communication with debtors is paramount for success in debt collection. Our collections software for agencies prioritises this, just as your experienced team understands. We've designed our platform to facilitate easy and personalised interactions between collection agencies and debtors. This guarantees a consistent and personalised tone, ultimately enhancing the debtor's experience and boosting the likelihood of successful collections.

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We hope that by this point you've seen how our debt collections software for agencies can help an agency just like yours. However, receeve as a platform and as a company is more than just debt collections software for agencies. To learn more about how receeve can help you collect debts smarter, not harder, click here. To learn more about our company and our team, why not take a look at our LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook pages, our about us page, or the Inside receeve archive?


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