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What the SaaS: The Future of Fintech | Episode #4

Podcast Episode 4: Between Two Tracks Founders Episode

Here is a very special episode of What the SaaS: The future of Fintech, a Between Two Tracks Founders edition with receeve Co-founders Paul Jozefak and Michael Backes. Listen in as Paul and Michael share a bit of history about how they met and why they came together to build the company.

Paul and Michael also dig deep into the insights of what makes the receeve software so effective. They explain how it is built, how it works, and who it is for. They talk triumph and failures and how all of this learned experience has helped them build a truly flexible and scalable product that helps enterprise financial organisations take back control of their entire collections system. Take a listen to the full episode and make sure to hit that subscribe button on all your favourite podcast streaming platforms!

What the SaaS: The Future of Fintech is on Spotify, Apple, and Google podcasts.

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A couple of our favourite quotes:

“We're trying to address the whole value chain of a claim. i.e. resolve that claim as best we can early in the process, because the most value can be delivered by actually getting someone to pay an unpaid bill or an unpaid debt.“

  • Paul Jozefak, speaking on how cobbled together collections systems could and should be replaced with a more bundled production to allow for a more transparent ecosystem of collections.

“From a technology standpoint, we're cloud native. So we're not just the on-prem solution that was then deployed in AWS or Google or one of those cloud data centres. We have a much higher degree of flexibility. … We can take very old banks that have systems that don't even talk to the internet and get them up and running in four weeks. So that's probably the one thing I would just kind of harp on.”

  • Michael Backes speaking about how the cloud-native structure of the receeve product allows for more flexibility and control to quickly improve and scale your collections system.

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