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receeve Founders Video With CTO - Michael Backes

A Conversation With  Co-Founder & CTO, Michael Backes

For a very special founders conversation video, we sat down with receeve CTO, Michael Backes, to hear his insights into what makes the receeve Platform and software products so special. In the video, Michael explains the reasons that kick-started the receeve Platform and the challenges that he and Co-founder, Paul Jozefak, saw for collections organisations. Outside of working with clients as partners, rather than just customers, Michael shares his insights into how receeve clients are able to immediately benefit from a cloud-native solution. Spoiler alert, entire organisations will gain more efficiency, more effectiveness and enjoy higher profits from an end-to-end solution that is up and running in just a short amount of time. Read the full transcript below to learn more about the receeve company and the All-In-One Collections & Recovery Platform.Interview recorded in Hamburg, Germany on August 4, 2021.

Q: What were the main challenges that you and Paul Jozefak saw in the market for collections organisations? And what were the key factors that kick-started the receeve Platform?

  • MB: When we started receeve, we had the opportunity to kind of have the same look at the entire industry end-to-end and what was going on. So we got to see a lot of, let's say, large collections companies, a lot of banks, a lot of different organisations that were giving out credit. And what we saw was that there was a lot of fragmentation. Though receeve allows you to start with the part that you have, that burns the most, the biggest pain point that you have, or the thing that you don't have, and allows you piece-for-piece to go from an entirely fragmented ecosystem inside your organisation into, call it, a unified layer end-to-end, from beginning to end. And that unified layer allows all of your people, regardless if their call centre agent or their the analyst, that's actually analysing what's going on in a portfolio and what's going to happen to that portfolio, and allows them to be on the same page and work more effectively together.

Q: What are some of the distinct benefits that a client can expect when switching to an all-in-one collections platform like that from receeve?

  • MB: When comparing the options that you have, regardless of whether you want to make a change, or you're just looking to kind of do things differently, enhance kind of what you're doing right now. The things that you want to look for are actually the things that make receeve distinct compared to some of the other solutions that you'll see out there. Because receeve is cloud-native, because it's built in the cloud, because it's built the way that it is. It gives you the independence and it gives you back the control. So in a lot of organisations, you might be responsible for collections, but you have no control over IT. Yet you are the one that's responsible for the bottom line of your costs. And you know, the recoveries and things like that. With with a platform like receeve, you actually get that control back. You can do what it is that you want to do to change your processes change your strategy, without having to be so dependent upon another part of the organisation where you have maybe no influence at all.

Q: Why is it important for receeve to treat its clients as partners rather than just as any customer looking for a collections software?

  • MB: We treat our customers as partners, because they want somebody to talk to, they want somebody that comes in, understands the problems that they have, understands that we know jointly where you want to go, can look at the situation that you have, and kind of the landscape that you have. And say, this isn't just a vision or buzzwords or something of "Hey, we're gonna do a digital transformation or something like that." It's actually a trajectory to get you from where you are today to where you want to be tomorrow. And that's why we treat everybody that works with us as a partner as opposed to just a customer that we throw a solution at.

Q: What can a receeve client expect from day one when working with receeve?

  • MB: We have a high emphasis on customer success. So support implementation, things like that, making sure that you know exactly what's going to happen at what phase. What's necessary in order to kind of take it live and, and, and. Plus, we have some mechanisms, like I've mentioned before being kind of a layer on top of everything else, that we've reduced the integration work to get up and running to the bare minimum.

Q: Double questions here. What are some of the exciting things happening right now at receeve? And what are you most excited about for the future of the receeve Platform?

  • MB: Personally, for me, it's exciting to see organisations actually unlock their potential. So increase their effectiveness, drive after whatever the goals are that they have kind of short term. And the long term future kind of excitement for me with receeve is the fact that we do have this call it end-to-end capability. So the fact that we are cloud-native that we were built, the way that we were built allows us to be very resilient in the future in terms of if there's changes that come, we can adapt to those changes very quickly for our clients and include those inside of receeve. Plus any other things that have to change if payments change, for example, those adaptations coming to receive very quickly. But in the end, kind of the fact that we can assist our clients end-to-end from the moment they've originated some semblance of credit to, hey, I have a non performing loan portfolio and what am I going to do with it and how do I manage that in the future? That for me is probably the most exciting part that you can actually do all of that inside one platform.*

For more information about the benefits of switching to the receeve All-In-One Collections & Recovery Platform and to see how your can be up and running in a matter of weeks, request a demo with one of your experts today!

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