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SaaS Product Power Breakfast: Podcast with Dave Kellogg & Thomas Otter

Podcast hosted by @kellblog and @vendorprisey

receeve CEO, Co-founder Paul Jozefak, was recently on The SaaS Product Power Breakfast podcast hosted by Dave Kellogg and Thomas Otter. Paul talks with Dave and Thomas about how niches can be profitable and grow into significant market categories and look at how SaaS products can function as a layer on top of existing applications - and much more.

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Our favorite quote from Paul is regarding why receeve is focused on providing enterprise companies with a better way to handle collections. Paul emphasises that“you can use technology and approach collections as a part of customer service versus going at it with a very aggressive almost driven by negative mindset. Make it a positive interaction and make your customers love you.”

About the Podcast and the hosts

The SaaS Product Power Breakfast with Dave Kellogg and Thomas Otter: On the show Dave and Thomas interview a broad range of product management experts from around the world. They examine what it takes to build great products for the Enterprise.

  • Dave Kellogg is advisor, independent board member, consultant, and blogger at www.kellblog.com. Twitter @kellblog.
  • Thomas Otter is the Founder at Otter Advisory a bespoke firm to help buyers, builders and investors navigate HR and Work technologies. Twitter @vendorprisey.
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