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Maximising ROI: 7 Ways AI-Powered Collections Boost Revenue

In an era where data and automation reign supreme, companies are turning to innovative solutions like AI-powered collections software to optimise their processes and drive increased return on investment (ROI).  

In this blog, we’ll outline the benefits of investing in a digital debt management solution and uncover 7 key ways it can optimise your collections strategies, ultimately unlocking your revenue potential.

7 Key Ways AI-Powered Collections Software Maximises ROI

1. Integrated debt assignment management

Efficient debt assignment management is critical for streamlined collections. Cloud-native collections software provides a centralised platform that minimises errors and delays, resulting in a 25% reduction in assignment time. This streamlined process enhances productivity and accelerates debt recovery. 

Consolidating your debt management systems into one platform has the added benefit of ensuring a unilateral view of debtor profiles. Agents can also access critical customer data, set up complex dunning strategies, and analyse their performance at all times.

2. Automated communication and reminders

Consistent and timely communication is key to driving prompt payments. Cloud-native collections software automates communication and reminder processes, resulting in a 30% increase in payment response rates. With automated workflows based on data-driven customer segmentation and targeting, businesses can engage with customers effectively, improving cash flow and fostering improved profitability from the outset.

3. Payment processing and reconciliation

Streamlining payment processing is crucial for efficient collections, which is why cloud-native collections software offers built-in payment processing capabilities, reducing manual errors and saving time. Businesses leveraging automated payment processing benefit from an average reduction of 20% in payment processing time, enhancing operational efficiency and ROI.

By leveraging receeve's AI-powered platform, businesses are transforming their debt management operations, reducing losses, enhancing customer experiences, and boosting profitability in an increasingly competitive market.

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4. Self-service functionality

By empowering your customers with self-service functionality, agent workloads are reduced and debtor autonomy is increased, ultimately providing a more positive customer experience. This can often lead to increased brand loyalty and long-term retention. Further, by enabling customers to handle their repayments independently, your agents can prioritise their time and energy on high-risk accounts, maximising efficiency and effectiveness.

5. Advanced segmentation and targeting

As outlined, segmentation and personalisation are powerful tools in debt recovery. By adopting advanced segmentation techniques to target specific customer groups with tailored collections strategies, recovery rates are improved by an average of 15%. For example, our AI/ML strategy, based on the multi-armed bandit model (see here for more details), empowers our users to test and validate the best communications channels and forms – all automatically driven and executed by receeve artificial intelligence.

We’re also finalising a new AI/ML algorithm called Behavioral Scoring, capable of automatically detecting the probability of repayment and the likelihood of the debtor going through digital channels to complete payment via self-service. With these powerful insights, our customers can steer their strategy and engagement models towards unmatched resolution rates and debtor satisfaction. Behavioural Scoring will be in general availability at the beginning of 2024 and has already demonstrated significant impact during trials with customers.

6. A personalised repayment approach

Cloud-native solutions like the receeve platform offers both design flexibility and easy-to-use template building. Design a variety of landing pages, emails, and payment options effortlessly using intuitive drag-and-drop tools. 

This streamlined approach not only accelerates your operations but also enhances cost-efficiency throughout the dunning process. IT staff no longer needs to halt other projects to create landing pages and emails. Instead, every agent can independently create these assets within minutes, freeing up resources and maximising productivity.

7. Real-time performance monitoring and reporting

Data-driven decision making hinges on real-time insights, and AI-driven collections platforms provide real-time monitoring and reporting functionalities, enabling businesses to track performance metrics and make data-driven decisions. By utilising real-time insights, companies experience an average 12% increase in agent productivity, better improving your collections team’s value and driving better return on investment over time. 

The benefits of investing in a digital-first collections software

Enhanced operational efficiency

Efficiency is the cornerstone of successful debt recovery. Cloud-native collections software automates and streamlines the entire collections process, reducing manual efforts and operational costs. By implementing data-driven solutions that are independent of hardware maintenance and IT upkeep, businesses can achieve up to a 70% reduction in operational costs, allowing resources to be allocated strategically for improved ROI.

Improved customer experience

Cloud-native collections software offers self-service portals and personalised communication channels, empowering customers to manage their debts conveniently. With 70% of customers preferring self-service options, investing in this software leads to increased customer satisfaction, loyalty, and ultimately, higher recovery rates.

Enhanced data-driven decision making

Data is a powerful tool that fuels intelligent decision making - and cloud-native collections software provides robust data analytics capabilities, delivering actionable insights into customer behaviour, payment patterns, and collection strategies. By leveraging these insights, businesses experience an average increase of 10% in recovery rates, translating into tangible ROI and improved financial health.

Regulatory compliance

Navigating the complex landscape of debt recovery regulations is essential to minimise legal risks and penalties. By implementing systems that are vendor-maintained, businesses are assured compliance with evolving regulations, ensuring peace of mind and avoiding sizeable financial penalties. Studies indicate that implementing compliant software and implementing software best practices reduces legal costs by an average of 30%, further enhancing ROI.

Scalability and Flexibility

Rapidly growing businesses require robust tools to help them scale, no matter the department. Adoption of the right technologies is a necessity for expansion, long-term health and, in the case of collections operations, risk mitigation–particularly in the midst of a challenging financial landscape. 

The commercial impact of AI-powered collections strategies

Prioritising effective debt management is essential for businesses seeking to maximise profitability. The current collections climate, marred by manual processes and reactive approaches, can hinder financial success. receeve's innovative applications address these challenges, offering streamlined processes, AI-powered analytics, and personalised communication strategies. 

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