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Data-Driven Recovery: Enhancing Agents' Productivity in Collections

When it comes to managing collections, call centre agents face a number of challenges on a daily basis. From managing customer interactions to tracking and resolving account claims, there is a lot on their plates. It can be difficult for agents to stay organised and streamlined when juggling multiple projects and deadlines.

To compound these pressures, most companies manage collections with patched-up CRM tools that aren’t specifically designed to help call centre agents in collections. The end result is that agents are often left with disorganised workflows, not knowing which tasks to prioritise. Further, the recovery team are forced to deal with increased pressure to meet deadlines, while agents lack clarity on individual accounts - with no real-time collaboration, making the whole process tedious and inefficient.

A unilateral approach to data management 

The challenge of bringing multiple teams and partners into alignment is a common problem faced by organisations. This can often lead to inconsistent collections processes that can hamper productivity and create confusion around debt resolution.

To counter this issue, it is important to ensure all teams, departments, and partners have access to the same information and are working from the same set of rules. This can be accomplished through the use of unified processes, communications platforms, and data management systems. Additionally, it is important to ensure all stakeholders are aware of their responsibilities and are held accountable for their actions. By creating a culture of transparency and collaboration, teams can work together to ensure their collections processes are effective, efficient, and consistent.

The missing piece in improved collections 

We have dived deep into the problem of aligning access to data by working closely with collections teams hoping to overcome their process inefficiencies and foster better customer insights moving forward. 

Our Case Manager tool provides a comprehensive view of customer and claims data on a single dashboard. This means collections teams can manage customer records, schedule tasks and coordinate with other team members.

Data-driven case management also allows collections agents to prioritise more complex cases in real time and benefit from an enhanced user experience. Further, role-based access to customer and claims data (along with the the ability to match claims with accounts) allows for more accurate debt recovery assessments.

A streamlined user interface, improved data organisation and new automation tools empower collections teams to make a real difference in their workflows, yielding a more data-driven approach to debt recovery.

 Designing with increased agent efficiency in mind

There are numerous usability benefits for finance officers and debt management agents alike: 

  • Easy navigation and platform functionality provide an enhanced dialler experience, making it faster to assign and deliver tasks in real time.
  • Designed with easy tabs and tools to help agents stay on track and meet their deadlines, meaning agents always know what needs to be done and when.
  • Full flexibility for supervisors to alter any agent's task list in real time by assigning or de-assigning tasks on ad-hoc basis.
  • Gamification of the tasks list and a success tab make the experience more engaging for agents and keep them motivated, offering positive reinforcement for completed actions. 

Ultimately, these upgrades have been carefully designed to help your call centre agents work more efficiently and effectively. With better organisation, clearer deadlines, and improved collaboration, agents will be able to tackle their tasks with confidence.

receeve is more than just a collections and recovery software. It's an integrated solution that can both automate collections through self-service and strategic segmentation and improve how collections staff work and handle late-stage cases. Using the receeve platform, collections teams will have access to a complete solution to streamline their workflows, increase efficiency and improve rates of recovery.

 Ready to boost the collections capacity of your operation?

Our solution is fully integrated to manage all stages of collection, and the data is seamlessly transmitted across all stages of the process, for improved collaboration, more intelligent insights and an enhanced customer experience in the long term.

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