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Building the right team - receeve's recruitment process

We have doubled our company size in the past 4 months and we are proud to say that our earliest team members have been working here since the “zero hour”.
We are extremely thankful to everyone who's been giving us the trust to become part of our team so far.

What to expect from our Work Environment?
At receeve you experience a fast-paced and dynamic company. We need to keep ourselves adaptable to new challenges and tasks. Our management team 100% relies on its teams. Everyone is expected to make his/her own decisions and try out new things.

This also means that you are entitled to take on a high degree of responsibility. Plus, you get support from your supervisor and have direct access to our founders. The management built up a transparent environment. This way everyone has all the information and resources that he or she needs to do an excellent job.

We run up escalators and live with a sense of urgency to react fast and get things done. Our teams like to set their targets high but yet achievable. As you can see, we are like-minded people, working hard to drive receeve to its fullest potential.
But there is one important thing we don’t forget about: our private lives! Everyone of us has a family, is passionate about sports, arts, travels or whatever else allows us to keep our work-life-balance healthy. We embrace flexible schedules and asynchronous work, so each team member is able to structure the day individually.

Our Hiring Strategy
We value the high degree of diversity in our teams. This is why we decided to operate in a remote-first company setup. It allows us to exhaust the benefit of hiring completely internationally.
We are proud of our teammates from 20 different countries and 5 continents! Still we keep an eye on the timezone, as we don’t want anybody working at night.

Due to the remote situation a trustful environment is essential. We seek for individuals being able to take ownership and prioritize tasks. This means we are expecting you to feel 100% comfortable and happy with your responsibilities, as well as being able to autonomously structure your day.
Further in the remote situation, (over-)communication and collaboration are crucial. At receeve, we are searching for people with very strong skills of these two characteristics.

Despite knowing what we have, here is something we don’t and will not have: A hire and fire mentality.
We want to build up a team that grows organically. That’s why we carefully screen for skills, experience and team fit. We are looking for people who have a real interest to become part of our team in the long-term and don’t change their jobs every 6 months.
We are looking for people with a personality and a story. Our teams are living an open and international mindset, always thinking outside the box and staying curious. Having people enjoying working co-creative brings out the best ideas.
We want to build up a unicorn and are looking for people who want to be part of this adventure.

What to expect from our Recruitment Process?
Since we are living in this fast paced world, we know great talents find jobs within a second. The War of Talent is on! That’s the reason why we are trying to lean the recruitment process and make quick decisions. This means we give you feedback as soon as possible and we plan the next interviews fast and on short notice, so we can guarantee a rapid process. Along this journey, we are offering a transparent and trustful candidate experience to you, our applicants.

Every new team member, whether he/she works full-time, part-time, interns, students or remote, is an essential part of receeve. In our recruitment process, we want to give everyone the chance to get to know us as a team and company. Vice versa, we want to get to know you as a person and show us your skills. So during our interviews, we are not hyped about someone telling us what you expect us to hear about you.
Submitting your application, shows us that you already believe in receeve and want to become part of our team. We consider ourselves lucky enough, to receive a great number of applications. But this also means that we don’t have the chance to conduct an interview with every single candidate. We screen the candidates to pre-select applicants potentially being a good fit to the role and team.
If we find your profile interesting, we invite you to your first interview.

In the first step of the recruiting process, you get to know one of our HR Recruiters. You get to learn about receeve, our team and you can showcase your skills, your experience. At the end of this call, we want to understand why you want to work with us. Please don’t hesitate to ask us any questions. It’s not a one-way interview. We love to get into a dialogue with you!

Next up, it depends on the position you applied to.
You either directly get interviewed by the Hiring Manager, i.e. your supervisor, or do an assessment. For our open tech-positions, we have different coding challenges created from our Senior Developers. In other cases, you get to demonstrate your knowledge and skills related to the role you applied to. But don’t be nervous about it. We just want to give you the opportunity to show us your abilities. And if you have questions regarding your assessment don’t hesitate to write us an email. We provide you with all the support and information you need.
If you applied to a business role, you will get in touch with your potential supervisor. For tech related roles, this is the last step of the recruitment process.
After convincing, you also get to know some of your future team colleagues or team members from other departments. This meeting gives you and your potential team mates the opportunity to have an open talk and see, whether you fit or not.

Remember: So far, we grew rapidly in 2021. But yet, we are still a startup. So our job descriptions are still written in pencil. When you join the team, we will adapt your tasks and match them better with your skills. So you get to steer your own career.

If you are interested in becoming a part of our receeve-team, have a look at our career page and check out our current job openings and the inside receeve page.

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Anneke Jacobi
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