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5 Key Enterprise Software Implementation Challenges

Introducing a new enterprise software is no easy task. The fruits of one’s effort are not borne immediately.

It is a challenging process needing an abundance of clarity, patience and commitment. Knowing where the risks lie and learning from others’ mistakes are key to a smooth and stress-free implementation. So why go through a software implementation process at all? For one, the benefits of implementing better enterprise software—reduced costs, tighter workflow, more profit—far outweigh the hurdles and help stay competitive. In addition, the software implementation process is getting easier. In their 2019 survey, Panorama Consulting Solutions found that 88 percent of enterprises rated their latest ERP projects a success, up 30 percent in just four years.

While every software implementation comes with challenges, most pitfalls are avoidable. By anticipating and addressing potential problems, business leaders can keep staff and stakeholders happy—saving thousands, if not millions in time, turnover, and operational costs.

In the arcticle we will:

  • Walkthrough a failed enterprise software implementation case study.
  • Outline 5 of the biggest challenges in implementing enterprise software.
  • Give tips on how to avoid common software implementation challenges.


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