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10 Questions with Berta Piles, Customer Success Manager

We sat down with our Customer Success Manager, Berta to discuss 10 very important and also not so important questions.

  1. What are you doing at receeve?
    I enable clients during the onboarding process, that is, I’m the one teaching them how to use the software and make the most of it. My goal is to provide support and help our customers become happy users. I also create documentation and videos to support this process. In addition to that, I’m also doing customer support, answering emails and escalating to our colleagues from Tech when needed.
    On the other side there is also a lot of interaction with the Product team. We need to give them customer feedback, talk about features that we could improve, needs from our clients etc.

  2. Where are you located?
    In (almost always) sunny Valencia, Spain.

  3. How did you end up at receeve?
    That’s an interesting question. After 5 years in the E-commerce world, I was ready to open up a new chapter in my professional career. I read about the product and the company before applying and thought ‘why not? I’m up to the challenge!’

  4. Why did you choose to work for receeve and why work in collections?
    Besides finding the project interesting, I have to say I liked what I saw at a human level (future hires, this is very important!): I felt very comfortable during the interviewing process, first with HR (Hi Anneke!) and later on with my now manager (Hi Peer!). In both cases it felt like a nice conversation and not like an interrogation. I really enjoyed that.
    About the collections part: I had to learn a lot of new concepts and since I did not have any background in Fintech, it has been proven to be a challenge but hey, good things happen outside your comfort zone.

  5. What is your morning routine before starting your work?
    So after my morning coffee I either go for a long walk or practice yoga. Endorphins and good energy levels for the day ahead!

  6. Do you prefer remote work or going to the office?
    I like working remotely, and I have to say that even if sometimes I miss the office, we’re pretty good at creating a nice work environment. I never feel alone. (Also, emojis and gifs help a lot!)

  7. Why are you working in a start-up?
    Because it is where things actually happen and I like being part of that ‘make things happen’ process.

  8. What does your perfect “Feierabend” (German term for time in the evening after work) look like?
    It totally depends on the day. It could be a walk, cooking, reading a book I like, or just relaxing with family and friends.

  9. With whom of the company would you like to switch jobs for one day?
    Jose, so I see what’s to be on the receiving end of the Jira tasks I create, hehe.

  10. Who would you like to nominate for the next interview?

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