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What the SaaS: The Future of Fintech | Episode #3

What the SaaS: The Future of Fintech | Episode #3

Podcast Episode 3: Disrupting the Financial Services Industry

In this episode, Co-founder and CEO Paul Jozefak speaks with Matthias Kröner about some hard-hitting topics surrounding customer-centric banking, embedded finance, cryptocurrencies, and the digitalisation of banking across the world. Listen in as Matthias also drops some exciting news about a brand new business endeavour.

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Further topics include:

  • How Matthias discovered that digitisation would take the lead in financial services.
  • How tokenization, open-banking and data will transform the global financial landscape in the next 3-5 years.
  • How banking and FinTech can create truly embedded financial services that support customer needs.

About Matthias Kröner

Matthias Kröner is a highly respected thought leader within the global financial services community. Matthias is well known as an inspirational keynote speaker, a successful incubator for several highly innovative start-ups and we were fortunate to have Matthias as one of our first angel investors and advisors here at re:ceeve.

As an Investor, CEO, Managing Director, Fintech Entrepreneur, and podcast co-Host (Breaking Banks) Matthias is driven by a strong sense of purpose. His is on a mission to democratize consumers’ access to banking and self-determined finance management, using digital financial services to create sustainable values. When it comes to planning, building and operating disruptive and customer-centric banking business models Matthias is an absolute expert and we were thrilled to have him as a guest on the show.

Learn more about Matthias Kröner at matthias-kroener.com

Or contact himon LinkedIn

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