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Meet Tiago Correia, Sales Lead at receeve

Meet Tiago Correia, Sales Lead at receeve

Driving sales and flying planes, that is Tiago Correia. Out of a small city close to Porto in Portugal, Tiago joined receeve in fall 2021 and is responsible for the structuring and organisation of the Sales team as their lead. With his experience in different industries, Tiago’s goal is to create a solid foundation in the sales organisation, where every member has all the tools needed to win over new customers for receeve.

As a Sales Lead, what are you doing at receeve?

As the name says, I lead the sales team here at receeve which – in a brief summary – translates into selling our product and helping the team to sell.

What makes receeve special as an employer?

I believe receeve encourages individuals into taking action and learn from the different outcomes. You must be proactive in finding solutions to problems and also take responsibility and ownership for the results. I think it’s super refreshing to be able to create something new every day and be empowered to make decisions. Additionally, in the uncertainty that we live in, it’s super comfortable to be well funded and have experienced founders behind the steering wheel.

Why did you choose to work for a startup and why work in collections?

Only a startup will give you the opportunity to disrupt an industry and change the world. On the other hand, if you end up being successful you were an integral part of creating a big company, especially if you join early. Essentially this is what fuels me to work in a startup. In addition, you get to learn a lot of different domains and you need to be able to contribute and coordinate with all the different departments in the company making you a better well rounded individual.

In regards to collections, I believe it’s an industry super overlooked, still seen as a “problem” in multiple organisations. What better challenge can you have than to change this view and bring this industry 20 years into the future?

What does your perfect “Feierabend” (German term for ‘time in the evening’ after work) look like?

I like to fly little Cessnas! However, I cannot do it every evening so when I’m not flying, I’m either exercising or playing bass.

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