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Meet Laura Cardini, Senior Marketing Manager at receeve

Meet Laura Cardini, Senior Marketing Manager at receeve

Laura Cardini joined our team in January 2022 as a Senior Marketing Manager. Originally from Argentina and now working out of the beautiful Barcelona in Spain, she is responsible for lead generation and is forming together with the rest of the team a powerful marketing organisation. With her broad experience in a variety of different industries, her great skill set in all parts of digital marketing and her constant desire to do things differently, she is a perfect addition to the team. 

As a Senior Marketing Manager, what are you doing at receeve?

My goal is to build sustainable digital lead generation channels for receeve. Or in simpler words (which is what I tell my parents when explaining what I do), “I find people online who could benefit from our product and try to spark their interest to learn more ”. 

What makes receeve special as an employer?

I find it very refreshing how the company encourages employees’ career development vs limiting people to their current job description. Even if that means pursuing personal projects outside of work. In the short time I’ve been in the company, I’ve already come across people who have switched departments ⁠in pursuit of finding a role that fitted them best — which is unique, especially for a young company.

Why did you choose to work for a startup and why work in collections?

‘Startup’ is quite a broad concept and, just like larger enterprises, you can come across a wide range of experiences working under these organisations. According to Forbes’ definition of a startup, these “are businesses that want to disrupt industries and change the world—and do it all at scale”. So, this means you will have to get along with:

  1. Facing a ‘white canvas’ (or at least that’s how I like to call it). If the business is looking to break into a market with a new innovative solution, then it’s likely there is no existing playbook on how to do so. Challenges in the early stages go from finding the right product-market fit to figuring out the company’s path towards self-sustainable. Facing this ‘white canvas’ can be overwhelming, but it sure is exciting.
  2. A fast-paced culture. To be able to imagine, build, and market an innovative solution in a short time, you can expect to test and learn —  and do it fast. Each team member needs to be ready for testing out fast solutions for the problem it’s trying to address. 

I’m fueled by these aspects. And given that these are usually found in startups, I tend to gravitate towards these types of companies.

Regarding collections, it looks like the perfect playground to break some rules and have a real impact in an industry that has always been overlooked. Debt is increasingly hitting our friends and families, and being able to work in such an industry is a chance to make sure things are done ethically.

What does your perfect “Feierabend” (German term for ‘time in the evening’ after work) look like?

I live in Barcelona, so I’m very lucky to just be a couple of minutes away from the mountains and the sea. Ideally (and especially during Spring/Summer), I love either going for a walk by the beach, hiking, or doing outdoor rock climbing, followed by catching up with friends over dinner. (Please note that this is a very idyllic “Feierabend”! 😅​ I wish I always had the time and energy for doing this after work!)

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