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Sergio Schüler Joins receeve to Accelerate Product Development

Sergio Schüler Joins receeve to Accelerate Product Development

We have recently hired and are happy to welcome Sergio Schüler to the team at receeve. He joins us to run product management and to play an important role in connecting the sales and marketing side of the business, our customers, as well as development with one another. His role is critical in making sure that everything flows together around our product to allow us to deliver the best solution to our customers.

Sergio came to us from Wunder Mobility where he also was a part of product management. This was the role that brought him to Germany from his native Brazil. Not only is Sergio a Brazilian native, he brings experience from multiple international engagements. He has also worked in India, Norway and Germany in addition to Brazil. He learned his craft at Resultados Digitais, the Hubspot of Brazil. This skillset translates quite well into his role at receeve.

– Sergio Schüler, Incoming Senior Project Manager, receeve GmbH

“Joining a small team with big ambitions was thrilling. As soon as I started I felt that we were stepping on the gas and I was already able to contribute to the success of the company.”

I spent quite some time in our interview process getting to know Sergio. He is a great addition to our team not only for his skillset and experience but because he clearly reflects our culture and values. He dove right into his role and has become a strong contributor from day one.

“Sergio brings a wealth of experience in startups and product management. We are excited to welcome him to the team and hit the ground running.”

– Michael Backes, CTO & Co-Founder, receeve GmbH

receeve GmbH continues to push forward working to build a best-in-class, AI-driven collections platform. With the addition of Sergio, receeve accelerates the development of key aspects of its software such as further robust analytics and reporting, collections management, and automated messaging, which will provide essential services for current and future clients. Further, the continued development of the AI, automation, and behavioural science aspects of the software will provide the best recovery strategies designed to dramatically improve ROI. If you are interested to learn more about our product please feel free to reach out at or schedule a demo.

Michael Backes
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