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Peer Ziegler joins receeve as Senior Vice President of Operations

Peer Ziegler joins receeve as Senior Vice President of Operations

I am happy to welcome Peer Ziegler to receeve as our Senior Vice President of Operations. Peer brings a proven track record of project management and implementation success, and joins us to run client-facing software implementations and build our customer success department. His role is essential in ensuring the onboarding process of our software for our clients is effortless and enables clients to hit the ground running.

Peer comes with 8+ years of enterprise software project management and leadership experience, is a native German speaker, and has a holistic approach towards customer success in B2B relationships. He will be working closely with the product development team as well as the sales team to create a comprehensive process and structure within customer lifecycle. Peer is an excellent addition to the team not only for his skill set but also for how he embodies the values and culture of our company. He immediately hit the ground running and has been contributing from day 1.

“I joined receeve to help grow longer term business relationships with our customers. Ultimately, I want to help the team grow sustainably.”
– Peer Ziegler, Incoming SVP Operations, receeve GmbH

I’ve known Peer for some time, having met him before he joined receeve. He and I have a mutual friend in Hamburg who invited both of us to a summer event back in 2019. We randomly bumped into one another there and dove into a deep conversation. Peer had surprisingly turned out to be working for a former business contact (and neighbor) of mine. After exchanging some war stories, we quickly started discussing what he was up to in his role as well as about what we had set out to do at receeve. I was quite compelled by the role that Peer had at his previous employer.

I know how difficult it is to be at the junction of software and the enterprise. Nevertheless, the night came to an end, and we parted ways. Thankfully, I pledged to stay in touch.

Fast forward a year or so and my co-founder and I were discussing critical positions to grow receeve. We had seen how much attention implementation and onboarding of customers required. We were also in agreement that the individual who ultimately becomes responsible for this has to be a jack of all trades when it comes to technology and large enterprises, with on one hand, the respective expertise and on the other, the necessary patience. These processes can and do involve multiple parties on both sides and can take time. I am glad that I remembered back to that summer night on a Hamburg rooftop, and we reached out to Peer to discuss this role with him.

“With Peer, we can now dramatically strengthen the entire receeve platform by further improving the onboarding process and make it a seamless, effortless experience.”
– Michael Backes, CTO & Co-Founder, receeve GmbH

receeve GmbH continues to push forward, working to build a best-in-class AI-driven collections platform. With the addition of Peer, receeve further rounds out the benefits of leveraging its collections software for clients. If you are interested to learn more about our product, please feel free to reach out at info@receeve.com or schedule a demo.

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