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  • Smarter, Faster Collections and Recovery with AI
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Remove uncertainty from your collections processes and make data-driven decisions with confidence.

Unlock Precision in Collections

Gone are the days of relying on intuition. Gain unparalleled insights into each case’s likelihood of repayment and potential for self-service. This laser-focused approach ensures optimal resource allocation, driving profitability like never before.

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Tailored AI-Driven Behavioral Scoring for Optimal Strategy and Efficiency

We tailor a behavioral scoring AI model exclusively to your data and customer segments. This model assigns a score to each case, enabling you to group them based on their unique characteristics and tailor strategies accordingly.

  • Probability of Repayment

    Estimate the likelihood of repayment within a specific timeframe, enabling proactive action.

  • Self-Service Potential

    Gauge the probability of cases opting for digital channels to settle outstanding claims, streamlining the payment process.

  • Tailored Strategies for Success

    Harness the power of behavioral insights to craft personalised strategies.

  • Agent Prioritization

    Direct agents to prioritize calls to debtors with the highest likelihood of repayment.

  • Channel Optimization

    Send targeted messages through various channels to those inclined to self-serve, enhancing engagement and efficiency.

Identify Customer Profiles with Behavioral Scoring
Drive Strategy Optimization with AI

Low-Risk Customers: Smooth Sailing Ahead

Low-Risk Customers:
Smooth Sailing Ahead

Effortless and hassle-free. For low-risk customers, minimal intervention yields maximum results. Start early if needed, and watch as debts resolve themselves with minimal chasing required.

Absent-Minded Customers: Nudging Towards Action

Absent-Minded Customers: Nudging Towards Action

Gentle reminders pave the way for absent-minded customers. Light touches and positive nudges prompt action, using channels tailored to each customer profile to ensure debts don't slip through the cracks.

High-Touch Customers: Tailored Attention Required

High-Touch Customers: Tailored Attention Required

Extra care for those who need it most. High-touch customers may ignore issues or feel overwhelmed. Direct them towards self-resolution paths and ensure they stay on track with personalized attention.

High-Risk Customers: Urgent Action Needed

High-Risk Customers: Urgent Action Needed

Don't delay with high-risk customers. Act swiftly to address avoidance or communication difficulties. Outsource to debt collection agencies early to strengthen your position and secure resolution.

Empowerment Through AI-Driven Behavioral Insights and Personalization

  • Your Personalized AI

    Yield better results with a behavioral scoring model trained exclusively on your data, tailored to your unique customer segments.

  • Early Insights

    Gain access to customer behavior insights from the outset of the debt journey, enabling proactive decision-making.

  • Effective Resource Allocation

    Allocate resources to cases with the highest probability of closure, optimizing operational efficiency.

  • Smarter, Faster Collections and Recovery with AI

    Utilize all available data to refine and enhance your collections strategy.

  • Optimization Fueled
    By Insights

    Leverage behavioral insights to optimize processes, whether fully manual or highly automated.

  • Complete Data Privacy

    Rest assured knowing your data remains private, with no information shared with external parties.

Ready to Drive Profitability?

Experience the power of behavioral scoring firsthand. Start today and transform your collections strategy with receeve.

Ready to Drive Profitability?